Stainless steel sales. tool steels for hot-working and cold-working and special alloy steels

Structural steel sales
Stainless steel working and tool steels
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Steel working and sales
Ferlat Acciai S.p.a.

Steel working and sales
Stainless steels, structural steels, alloy steels, special steels and tool steels for hot-working and cold-working

FERLAT ACCIAI SPA, a member of VALBRUNA STAINLESS STEEL, have been involved in stockholding and processing steels since 1963.
Initially devoted to recycling, identifying and sale of ferrous materials, from 1980 it expand its market to include
structural steel and increase the stockholding of grade C45, 18NiCrMo5 annealed and 39NiCrMo3 tempered.
In 1990 FERLAT ACCIAI SPA expand his market integrating the stocks with tools steels for hot and cold working.
A new expansion of business and further development of the activity and the services offered
to the clientele was possible from 2004 with inclusion of stainless steels..
Coils Special alloy steels Decoiling Plasma cut Cold cut
  • STRUCTURAL STEELS (sheets, slabs, rounds, flats, squares)
    Structural steel has medium-low resistance, used for production of materials which have to bear high static stress.
    It has good weldability, it doesn’t contain additional elements and it isn’t submitted any further heat treatments (except for annealing and normalizing).

  • ALLOY STEELS (sheets, slabs, rounds, squares, flats)
    The presence of certain chemical element in the steels improve the mechanical properties and produces materials with high mechanical properties.

  • TOOL STEELS FOR HOT-WORKING ((sheets, slabs, rounds, squares, flats)
    Tool steels are particular well-suited to be made into tools. They have ability to hold a cutting edge and /or resistance to deformation at elevated temperatures, toughness and wear resistance.

  • TOOL STEELS FOR COLD-WORKING ((sheets, slabs, rounds, squares, flats)
    This steel is used in the manufacture of tools that are used at temperatures under 200°C. The main characteristics of these steels are: increased hardness, ability to maintain a cutting edge, wear resistance, toughness (for the pieces submitted to shock loading), non-deformability to the heat treatment.

  • STAINLESS STEELS ((coils, sheets, slabs, rounds, flats, squares, angles, hexagons, tubes, Reval)
    Stainless steels are alloys which contains a minimum of 10,5% Chromium. Their main feature is the resistance to corrosion, due to their ability to form an oxide film which protect the material from corrosion.

  • CATALOGUE (PDF of steels from A to Z...)

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Stainless steel sales